Sonar Screensaver in action Sonar Screensaver in action

Sonar Screensaver


Get a piece of the ocean on your desktop!


Enjoy the mysterious atmosphere of cold still waters; immerse yourself in the eerie silence of oceans deep with one of the best sonar simulation screensavers around.

This fascinating and detailed sonar simulation software gives your PC the appearance of a true sonar display. Unlike real marine sonars, this model offers far more sci-fi details, animations and effects to blend an oceanic spirit with the hi-tech world of underwater fiction – just like scenes from the sci-fi movies!

Many computers now also facilitate multiple screen display connection. Sonar Screensaver can utilize this capability to full effect, as it can display either the same view on all displays, or different sonar simulations on each screen.

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Released:30 Jan 2008
Size:2.56 MB

Excellent Graphics

I think the software is awesome. It gives me the feeling that my computer has hi-tech detection software on it so I like it. I like the abilities to customize it, both colors and the messages. raithedavion

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