Sonar Screensaver Awards

TopShareware : CERTIFIED
Softpedia : CERTIFIED
Mayzer : PREMIUM
RedSofts : 5 STARS
Daolnwod : 5 STARS
BrotherSoft : 5 STARS
Sofotex : 5 STARS
FileLight : GOLD
Final Download : 5 STARS
FileDudes : 5 STARS
SoftF5.com : 5 STARS
Ivertech : 5 STARS
Vista Files : 5 STARS
SoftLandMark : 5 STARS
Download2PC : 5 STARS
Download3000 : 4 STARS
SoftPicks : 4 STARS

Screensaver Reviews

Nice sonar simulation coolscreens.com

Nice sonar simulation with a rotating beam that "tracks" surface and underwater objects. Sounds of the classic pinging and various high tech readouts add to the realism.www.coolscreens.com

Listen To The Ocean 3d2f.com

In the calm and quiet world of ocean, sounds are very special. The ocean′s own life often uses the sound "radar" for navigating through its dark deep waters by "listening" or even doing the "active detection" (sending sounds and listening what they′ve bounced from). This idea is also utilized in human-made water and underwater vessels; modern "sound radars" – Sonars – are the major tool in the navigation and enemy detection.
The look and sound of today′s sonars are kind of like a futuristic art, just because of the way they work. With Sonar Screensaver, you can obtain this "art" without even having a real sonar at you workplace! The screensaver picture is even more futuristic than what you can see on the most of today′s real sonars: Sonar Screensaver "detects" different vessels, their parameters and trajectories and shows the detected information by the sonar′s main "beam" screen. The sounds of the screensaver include not only the imitation of sonar′s real sounds but also the "sound of the ocean around"; so, the overall impression allows the deep immersion into the atmosphere of a submarine
The screensaver is highly customizable; you can select what and how is to be seen and heard. One additional and very useful option available in the screensaver is "On-screen message": you can show any textual message over your sonar, which your visitors can read it if you′re not at your desk.www.3d2f.com

User Opinions

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Like "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea"! ProfessorSolderflux

When I discovered Zerge's Radar Screensaver last year, I was looking for something just like this. Wonderful! Awesome graphics and sound effects, but yet subtle enough to not disturb you while you work. I have a Mac and a PC on my desk, so I let this run on my PC while I work on illustrating on my Mac. If I add one more PC and monitor to my desktop running "Radar Screensaver", It will look like something out of Cheyenne mountain control!www.download.com

realy great screensaver spooky_cvc

I have purchased the great radar-screensaver a long time ago and now I wanted to purchase the sonar-screensaver too. The sonar-screensaver is great too, but I had troubles with the ATI Catalyst driver. But now with the new Catalyst-driver version it works great!www.download.com


This screensaver is even better than the Radar screensaver from Zerge, adds a touch of mistery to the technology. Graphics and sounds render with great realism the underwater scanning. I have the two screensaver running on two PCs and it's very addictive.www.download.com

Stand out from the ordinary downloadrio

I own the Radar Screen Saver from the same company that made Sonar Screen Saver. Both of the screen savers is outstanding. The detail and clarity in screen saver is second to none. They also come with a capability to display a message while you are away. You can also turn the screen saver from a shortcut. I'm a technology oriented person, I prefer my screensaver and desktop to be technology oriented as well. I also like the stability of the screen savers. I've been using the Radar SS for almost 3 months and the Sonar SS for a month, they never hung or crashed. I highly recommend it. Takes up too much CPU power (oh well, like you would be using the CPU while the screen saver is on) and you will need a faster video card.www.download.com

Outstanding SONAR simulation !!! mbeeler59

As a SONAR engineer I am highly impressed by this product. I have operated this screen saver in the presence of other naval professionals. The product draws attention to itself. I am especially impressed by the alpha blended graphics technology. The rotating beacon combined with an expanding sweep is contradictory. Most multi-beam sonar systems do not employ a rotating scan. The rotating beam is more appropriate for a radar simulator.www.download.com

Totally awesome, looks like a goverment system... jerryleveq

I have a Panasonic Toughbook and I wanted something that looked like a system that no one would mess with. Once you see this screensaver in action people look at it and take it serious.. Thank you for putting together a very nice high quality live image...www.download.com

This is the coolest SCR I've seen in a LONG time! jjasa01

It seems to be like a real modern sub sonar display. I would even buy it...and I DON'T buy SCRs! :)www.download.com

Superb !!!!! hmsblackwater

Been searching for something like this for ages. At last I've found it.www.download.com

An amazingly beautiful and fascinating screensaver PureSpider

This screen saver is the best I've ever seen! It has many features like fading colors and realistic display and detection of the other boats! I totaly enjoy it everytime I use it.www.download.com

Excellent Graphics raithedavion

I think the software is awesome. It gives me the feeling that my computer has hi-tech detection software on it so I like it. I like the abilities to customize it, both colors and the messages.www.download.com

Very versatile and multipotent NDS

The multiple modification what i can do with this program.www.download.com

A screensaver with peaceful ambience! syd_lexia

This is top notch software! Not only does it provide interesting visuals with great color combinations, the audio contains tranquil sounds that I find pleasant to fall asleep to. This is truly an AWESOME and well coded screen saver!www.download.com