"Display" tab page

There you can set display options for the animation and configure it for multi-display operation.

Sonar Screensaver configuration window screenshot: "Display" tab

Animation smoothness

The higher values – the smoother animation – the more computational requirements will be to your system (processor and graphics card). This parameter measured in Frames-Per-Second (FPS).

This value is only desired smoothness. If you will set it high so that the system will not be capable to achieve it, the screensaver will smoothly reduce it automatically to avoid jerky animation – this will look like slowed animation within first few seconds.

Multiple sessions

Checking this box will allow running different screensaver sessions during operation. Screensaver will be restarting its model with new state few times per hour.

Same simulation models on all displays

This option is available if your PC has two or more monitors attached. Check this box to see same fireworks model on all displays involved in operation. When this box unchecked, each display will show its own model. This will lead to increased load to the central processor.

Video mode

There are listed all resolutions and color depths available on your display. Choose the resolution and color quality to use in full-screen operation. Choose "Do not change... " to allow the screensaver using current desktop resolution.

Refresh rate

You can set refresh rate in Hz for your display or leave it in "Auto" mode to allow the screensaver choosing the most appropriate value (usually it is the most high). Some monitors report that they support high refresh rates, but actually, they operate abnormally at these rates. In such case, you can choose lower refresh rate manually.

Do not use

If you have several monitors connected to your PC, you may want to not blank some of them during screensaver operation.

Leave black

This option is available if your PC has two or more monitors connected to it. Check this box to disable animation on this display. It will remain black during operation. It differs from previous option only by blanking the screen.