Sonar Screensaver Evaluation

Sonar Screensaver is not free. To allow you familiarize with it, you have 15 days for evaluation purposes. During this period of time, Sonar Screensaver operates in trial (also called "evaluation") mode. This means the following limitations:

10 minutes for animation

During this time Sonar Screensaver operates normally as it should. When 10 minutes runs out, it will start displaying reminder messages. After the screensaver will start its operation again, it will again work normally another 10 minutes.

Reminder messages

As said above, reminder messages will be displayed during screensaver operation after 10th minute – once per a minute.

Reminder window

Before opening the settings window you will see a reminder window, also called nag-screen. This window displays how many days left for evaluation, screensaver limitations, fields for typing registration information and buttons designated for continuing evaluation, ordering, activating and stopping evaluating the software.

When 15-day evaluation period will expire, Sonar Screensaver will continue operating in strictly limited mode. It differs from 15-day trial mode only in time of animation – this will be reduced from 10 minutes to one.


Cost and discounts

The cost of full Sonar Screensaver is $19.95. We often offer different discounts on software, so you can visit page for information about discounts available at present time.

Ordering full version online

To order Sonar Screensaver simply press the "Buy..." button at reminder window or "About" window, or visit online order page ( We recommend to use the first method, because it is easier and faster, because you will no need in typing your key code – it will be entered automatically and ordering and payment processing will take a few minutes.

The second method is most universal, because you can use it to purchase Sonar Screensaver to use it on either PC or notebook which does not have an Internet connection, or if you wish to pay via method other than credit card or PayPal.

Security and delivery

In both cases, the ordering process will go on secure web-form. To complete the order, you should fill all the form fields. If you choose a credit card as your payment method, it will take few minutes to complete the order. You will receive your registration information immediately – at web form and by e-mail.

For additional fee you may order Sonar Screensaver on CD.


When activation is required

If you already have the registration information (user name and key code), you must activate your trial copy of Sonar Screensaver manually. This may be required if you purchased it via online order form ( or if you ordered several copies of the software.

Turning trial version into the full

There are two places where you can complete the activation: reminder window and "About" tab at settings window. You should type your registration information into appropriate fields and press "Activate" button. After verifying the registration information, you will get activation confirmation message.

Below you can see the "About" tab and activation-related controls under "License" section:

Sonar Screensaver settings: 'About' tab page

Full version benefits

After activation, you will get full-featured version of Sonar Screensaver without any reminder windows and messages and with unlimited time of operation.